Housing policy impacts economic development, transportation, our schools, access to town services, the climate crisis and the neighborhood feel of why we choose Brookline as our home.

Here are my values and guideposts:

The Climate Crisis

Brookline has been a leader in reducing the impact of fossil fuels in our homes, businesses, and transportation, and this has resulted in a cleaner and healthier environment for all. By supporting new construction that is fossil fuel-free and educational programs for how to reduce the climate impact of existing buildings, we can create more sustainable infrastructure and save on energy costs. By leveraging the resources and policies from transformative laws such as the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, we can create a more prosperous community that benefits both the present and the future.

Our Public Schools

Our public schools are the backbone of our community, and they make us proud. They represent our values and the kind of future we want for our children. Many of us chose to move or stay in Brookline because of the high quality of our public schools. Now, it's time to ensure that all our children get the education they deserve.

That's why I strongly support Question 1, the debt exclusion override for Pierce school. We have a responsibility to provide our children with a quality education, and the current Pierce school does not meet that standard. The facility has not kept pace with the latest educational research and practices that make a school great in the 21st century.

But with the proposed plans, we can transform Pierce school into a modern facility that meets the needs of our students, teachers, and administrators. All stakeholders, including families, teachers, and administrators, deserve our support. By voting "yes" on Question 1, we can ensure that all our children have access to a quality education that will prepare them for a successful future.